Relationship, responsibility & change

In this era where love relationships may begin and end at a click of a button, I invite us to take some time to reflect on what is involved in building and then maintaining a mutually satisfying relationship.  I would like to point out that the success or failure of any relationship is dependent on both people involved and this is even more evident in our love relationship.

I believe we have a responsibility to ourselves and our communities to examine (and resolve) how we interrupt ourselves, that is, to process our unprocessed pain and become cognizant of our usual patterns of being:  this is our individual work.  However, through dialogue with our Beloved we have the opportunity to become more aware of how and when we aren’t present as well as to know ourselves more deeply through the honest feedback from the other.  This kind of interaction is considered growthful after all, as our perspectives broaden to include what is new and useful through genuine contact.

Ultimately, the success of any relationship lies in both people being committed to these tasks.  Let us remember this when we feel the pain of discord and realize that through deep listening and compassionate dialogue, any rupture can be repaired.

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