Everything we do happens here and now, whether it is reflecting on the past, anticipating the future, or simply engaging in the present. In essence, life is a series of moments so how we organize our moments greatly determines how fulfilled we are.

Gestalt Therapy, combined with the Enneagram and other somatic-based therapies, offers me a comprehensive approach towards this aim by bringing the actuality into the lives of my clients. Through increasing awareness, I help them strengthen their embodiment (the experience of energy in their body) and contact (the knowing of what is “not me” through the five senses). I also help them recognize the meanings (roles and games) by which they currently live. In this way my clients establish a clearer sense of themselves and their surroundings – and most importantly, how they get in the way of life’s natural rhythm and flow.

Through this careful examination of how they create their moments, I find that most of my clients invariably grow a deeper acceptance of who they are and become freer to express their authentic selves in accordance with the requirements of the moment. And this, I believe, is the foundation for true happiness and deep contentment.